10 Best Restaurants to Eat in Monrovia

10 Best Restaurants to Eat in Monrovia

Monrovia, a gem tucked away in sunny California, offers more than just picturesque views and historic charm. Its culinary landscape is a delightful tapestry, with upscale restaurants that guarantee not just a meal but an experience. For those looking to indulge their taste buds, the city has a plethora of options to choose from. This article will guide you through ten of the best spots that have left a mark on the dining scene.

Knight Cap

An establishment that genuinely defines luxury dining in Monrovia, Knight Cap offers an ambiance that's both intimate and enchanting. As soon as you step in, you're whisked away into a world where food is an art, and every dish is a masterpiece. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere goes perfectly with the elevated drinks and menu items; guests especially enjoy the beer-battered tacos and flavorful starters. Whether celebrating a special occasion or just treating yourself, Knight Cap promises a memorable evening.

K-Chicken & Beer

A harmonious blend of Korean flavors and contemporary flair, K-Chicken & Beer offers a culinary experience unlike any other. The restaurant boasts a rich menu combining the best Korean cuisine and a modern twist. From succulent chicken that's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside to an array of flavorful side dishes and, of course, a selection of the finest beers, this place is a haven for food enthusiasts. Beyond just food, the restaurant also offers themed nights, adding a touch of excitement.

Cafe De Olla - Monrovia

Venture into the heart of Monrovia and discover a slice of pure magic at Cafe De Olla - Monrovia. A haven for coffee lovers, this café promises an aromatic journey that encapsulates the soulful essence of Monrovia. Each cup is brewed to perfection, capturing the rich history of coffee-making. As you sip, delicate pastries crafted with utmost precision await, promising a perfect pairing for your chosen brew. The soothing sounds of soft conversations, the tantalizing scents of freshly ground beans, and the warmth of genuine hospitality all merge here, ensuring every visit is a moment of tranquility.

Basin 141

Dive deep into the timeless allure of Basin 141, where every dish tells a story and every drink invokes a memory. Nestled snugly on Monrovia’s S. Myrtle Ave., this restaurant is more than just a culinary experience; it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The skilled bartenders craft cocktails that are not just drinks but experiences in themselves — a few of their best are the Angeleno Julep, Midnight Mule, and the Honolulu Rose. The retro ambiance and daily happy hours are perfect for unwinding with friends after the workweek.

The Diplomat

Elegance, sophistication, and culinary mastery — that's The Diplomat for you. As you enter its doors, you'll immediately be charmed by the restaurant’s rustic chic decor. Every ingredient on the Mediterranean menu is chosen carefully; you can order such delicious dishes as beef kebabs, rice pilaf, and hummus on the side. Patrons love the ample portion sizes and zesty flavors on order; you can just as quickly enjoy a filling entree or order a medley of dips and appetizers like baba-ghanouj, tabbouleh, and grape leaves. Like many of the city’s best restaurants, The Diplomat has a daily happy hour.

Mikomi Sushi Monrovia

For those with a penchant for the exotic, Mikomi Sushi Monrovia offers an irresistible plunge into Japanese cuisine. The artistry on display here, both in the dishes and the decor, is a testament to the passionate soul of Monrovia's culinary scene. Every sushi roll, every sashimi slice, celebrates tradition melded with contemporary flair. The tranquil yet casual ambiance imbues your meal with the very essence of Japan — harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Be there for happy hour (2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) to enjoy great deals on individual sushi rolls or the fan-favorite nine-piece sashimi special to go with sake or the bottled beer of your choice.

Noodle St - Monrovia

Meandering through the bustling streets of Monrovia, one might stumble upon the aromatic haven Noodle St - Monrovia. Here, the humble storefront belies the restaurant’s elegant atmosphere and surpassing noodle dishes. Everything on the menu bursts with flavor: the Japanese miso noodle, beef roll pancakes, cucumber salad, and create-your-own stir fry are some of the more popular dishes. Whether it's the delicate spices that waft through the air or the sound of simmering broths, Noodle St is a sensory delight. It’s also among the city’s best options for carryout. All these dishes can be ready for your enjoyment in under a half-hour.

La Sexy Michelada

Monrovia holds a treasure that speaks the universal language of flavor, fun, and festivity: La Sexy Michelada. Located on bustling Huntington Dr., this new restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere that complements the flavorful drink menu. Patrons rave about the shrimp ceviche, the camaron a la diabla, and the margarita flights. The restaurant’s zesty salsa, excellent service, and festive decor testify to the pure joy of eating there. It's a place where joy bubbles up in every glass; stories flow as freely as the drinks, and every moment is cherished, celebrated, and remembered.

Sena On Myrtle

Gourmet tacos, burgers, salads, and margaritas await you at Sena On Myrtle. Nestled amidst the charming lanes of Monrovia, this restaurant is one of the city’s hidden gems. The ambiance and small bar create an intimate setting that heightens the flavor of each dish. Sena keeps things fresh with a social calendar, including happy hours, taco Tuesdays, daily brunch specials, and a DJ on the first Friday of every month. The restaurant is directly across from the city’s movie theater, making for a fun and casual night out.

Bella Sera Trattoria

The timeless charm of Italy is beautifully encapsulated in the heart of Monrovia at Bella Sera Trattoria. From the first bite, one is transported to the sun-kissed terraces of Tuscany, where food is a celebration of life. The rustic interiors, with wooden beams and brick walls, add to the authenticity, making you feel like you're dining in an Italian countryside villa. The chefs' passion is evident in every dish, making every dining experience here an ode to Italy's rich culinary heritage.

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