Luxury Home Design Trends in Pasadena for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends in Pasadena for 2023

It seems gratuitous to write about interior design trends for a single year, right? No one has the time or energy to redesign their entire home every year, even if they have tons of money and resources. The truth is that trends for home decor don’t change that quickly. They tend to sweep gradually in and out over decades. Still, we can observe which trends are gaining speed and attention and which are making their way out. For Pasadena’s luxury home scene in 2023, warm, soft, natural, and environmentally friendly are very in, and brass and clutter are so very out.

Handmade, oversized furniture built to last

While trends seem to be shifting toward a more minimalist aesthetic, oversized statement pieces are taking up space in modern luxury homes. A big, bold kitchen table in warm wood can grace a dining room, and a large L- or U-shaped couch can fill a living room or den. The emphasis is on natural materials and furniture made by hand and built to last.

The benefit of bringing these items into your home is that you can accent them with smaller pieces like glass cocktail tables or iron-legged dining chairs. That way, you can swap out the accent pieces when the mood strikes but keep the bigger luxury items as staples of your estate.

Silk, fabric, and paper lighting

The emphasis this decade is on the environment, nature, warmth, and connecting with the earth. Nothing says “eco-friendly” like gentle, wispy lamps made from silk or paper fabrics. They create a muted, mellow mood and ambiance in a room that encourages calm and togetherness. Soft fabric lamps in interesting shapes and designs, in a single warm color like brown or taupe, also become conversation pieces in a minimalist room graced with only furniture, art, and — of course — a few plants here and there.

Earth tones aren’t going anywhere

When it comes to overall color schemes, a continued interest in browns and pinks is occurring. Think blushing colors, woody tones, and soft shades. Gone are the days of bold accent walls in bright colors that shock the eye. If anything, we want our rooms all in one color and for that color to breathe with us. The pandemic forced people into their homes, and that global shift has caused people to create sanctuaries out of their homes. We now want to feel like our homes are comfortable, gentle, safe havens that make us feel peaceful and embraced. Softer pinks and browns will go a long way toward evoking those feelings.

Silver and iron details

Black is always in and exemplifies luxury. There is just something about black fixtures, details, edges, and trims that promise sophistication that’s built to last. Of course, that means iron is the perfect metal to work into your home decor. Iron table frames with glass, iron dining chairs with cushions, iron doors, and other iron worked throughout the home will highlight and accentuate the warmer, softer tones.

At the same time, highly polished silver and stainless steel are also working their way back into home decor, and these two metals can certainly work together. Brass, gold, and bronze are on their way out, which is a good sign, as the softer colors and the golden tones create an entirely different vibe than the mix of soft with black and silver.

Rooms draped in a single fabric and textured walls

One big trend hitting entire rooms and homes in the luxury design space is monochrome. This trend means draping a room in the same fabric so that the couch, the walls, and the trim all match to create a space that feels cozy and inviting. You can mix it up a bit with accent pieces in a slightly different texture or pattern but with the same color scheme. Keep the clutter to a bare minimum so the eye can rest among the patterns rather than being pulled in multiple directions at once.

Bring the outdoors in, and vice versa

Another way to emphasize the shift toward eco-friendly trends is to bring the outdoors in and make the transition from your indoor spaces to the outdoors soft and seamless. We can do this by filling rooms with gorgeous plants. After all, what showcases luxury better than lush, live plants? Large sprawling plants like a monstera or a fiddle leaf fig will not only clean and purify the air but also make you feel like you’re still outside in nature even as you’re tucked under a throw on the sofa.

Mosaic, terrazzo, and concrete floors also lend themselves to creating a bit of a brutalist, outdoorsy feeling. These exposed, natural materials are more often found in nature or in greenrooms or patios. Bringing them into your house and then allowing the flooring to move seamlessly onto your patios and walkways makes the home feel like it is designed to be one with the earth — the height of drama and luxury.

Loving the environment is always in

You cannot go wrong with eco-friendly, all-natural, handmade furniture, natural flooring, and keeping your home as grounded as possible. Decades ago, homes with solar panels, well systems, and their own sewage tanks were not only expensive but also eclectic and quirky. Today, these features seem like the first thing to add to a luxury home. Get it off the grid and connected to natural resources. It’s not only responsible for the earth, but it says a lot about what you do with your wealth.

The shift has been fluid over the last ten years, and today, we see more glass, wood, and metal instead of plastic. We also note a sort of reclamation of the “American spirit” as more people call for sustainable, durable materials in their homes rather than fast furniture. Nothing says “California” like working for a better tomorrow, starting today, and starting in our own homes. After all, Pasadena luxury homes are the epitome of the California vibe.

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