Nicola Speranta’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Arcadia

Nicola Speranta’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Arcadia

Affluent and friendly, Arcadia is one of San Gabriel Valley’s loveliest cities. Neighborhoods are beautiful, and real estate is stunning — in fact, the name Arcadia translates to “a scene of pleasure and quiet” — which perfectly describes this tranquil, breezy enclave. Just 13 miles from Los Angeles, Arcadia offers all the charm of a small town while also providing residents with easy access to both the beach and city sophistication. Arcadia homes for sale are coveted, and the market is competitive. If you are ready to sell your Arcadia home, read on for home-selling tips and advice to make your selling process smooth and lucrative. 

Work with a real estate agent

Choosing to work with a reputable Arcadia real estate agent is an important step in your selling journey. The benefits of working with an agent are multitudinous, from the access they offer to the MLS, or multiple listing service, to their strict commitment to fiduciary duty, the real estate industry’s legal code of ethics. Appropriately pricing your property is the key to a successful sale, and your agent will compile a comparative market analysis report for neighboring homes, as well as a home valuation for your property, all of which can help find the ideal list price. Local agents know the area better than anyone, so choosing a realtor with expertise in real estate in Arcadia, CA, will prove highly beneficial. 

Prepare your home properly

When a buyer steps into a new property, they want to feel at home. This is an aspirational experience for them, and the little details matter. Preparing your home is your chance to create a five-star experience for your potential buyer, so they never want to leave once they step inside. Here’s what you can do to make your home irresistible.

Consider repair and renovations

Sellers may be surprised that flashy kitchens and top-of-the-line appliances are not what buyers generally look for in a new property. These will certainly get nods of approval, but buyers are most concerned with the house's foundation. Purchasing a new home is a significant investment, and buyers want to feel confident that this home is in solid shape. 

Walk around your property and take note of any necessary repairs. Is the water heater new? Does the roof need to be replaced? Are any door knobs loose? You want to make it easy for a buyer to say yes to this home, so take some time to freshen up the paint, repair issues, and speak to your agent about any possible renovations to ensure you invest in changes that will yield the highest return.

Declutter and organize

Part of what makes posh hotels so luxurious is the vacation vibe they evoke. Stepping into a clean, neat room free of clutter can instantly relax the brain and switch you over into relaxation mode. The same is true of real estate. When a buyer steps into an organized, orderly property, they see a blank slate on which to project visions of their family living there. Buyers will snoop, open cabinets, and peek into closets to check out the storage situation, so make sure to clean and organize every single space. Box up any items you can live without for a few weeks, stash pet supplies and toys out of sight, and take some time to straighten up drawers and cupboards. 

Clean, clean, clean

Cleaning your home until it sparkles is arguably the most important step in selling. Buyers may want to repaint or change out light fixtures, but these are easy fixes compared to tackling a messy, dirty property. While investors may be willing to roll up their sleeves and clean a new place, most buyers immediately look for a home they can feel comfortable in. This is where that resort atmosphere comes in — make sure to clean as if your favorite friends or family members were visiting. This sense of warmth and care will impress potential buyers and positively affect your bottom line. 

Stage your home

Ask any real estate professional, and they will tell you — staging matters. Staging is the act of “setting the stage” for buyers. It includes not only the aforementioned steps of decluttering and organizing but also arranging each room in a way that best shows off its form and function. Not all buyers are interior designers, so taking the extra step to stage every room, especially oddly shaped spaces, is immensely helpful. The bedroom is especially important; this is where you want to focus your five-star treatment. Make sure the room is neat and clutter-free, fluff up the comforter and pillows, and add a soft, luxurious blanket to create the kind of haven they’ll want to come home to. 

Consider curb appeal

There’s a reason HGTV has a show by the same name. Curb appeal is serious business and can mean the difference between a buyer turning in the driveway or driving right on by — after all, this is their first impression of your home. If the exterior is shabby and cluttered, the buyer may assume the look does not bode well for the interior. Review every inch of your home's exterior spaces, from the mailbox at the end of the driveway to the flowers and front porch, to ensure everything is in top form. Clean the gutters, sweep the porch, put all toys and bikes inside the garage, and consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door. If the lawn needs a bit of refreshing, consider hiring a lawn care service to brighten things up. 

Thinking of selling your Arcadia real estate?

Are you interested in selling your home? Contact the Speranta Group today to learn more about selling your property or touring homes for sale in Arcadia. Nicola has a strong client following and is known for her sharp negotiation skills, wealth of knowledge of the local market, and commitment to her clients. Nicola is a beloved Arcadia real estate agent and the ideal partner to navigate this exciting market.

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